About and Contact

About and Contact

Hello! Welcome.

I’m Michele Smith and I’m here to help you craft your beautiful life even in the face of change, loss or uncertainty. To build your muscles of resiliency through simple age-old practices and routines.

As an entrepreneur, teacher and artist, I’ve discovered that my gift is to help creative individuals be inspired and well cared for in the face of life’s challenges.

Tell me – does any of this sound familiar?

• You find yourself burnt out and would like to run at a more even pace

• You’ve experienced a significant life change or loss and feel uninspired by what used to light you up

• You run on adrenaline and then crash into lethargy

• There is something brewing inside of you but you’re not sure which direction to take next

• You want to learn how to better take care of yourself, outside of happy hour or TV for stress relief

That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you:

Build resiliency.
Which means:
Understand how resiliency is cultivated
Practice tools for finding equilibrium

Combine ancient wisdom with modern science 
Which means:
Practice age-old techniques for balancing the nervous system
Recognizing your natural cycles of productivity and rest
Practice asking for help from the physical and nonphysical realms

Craft your Beautiful Life.
Which means:
Build your foundation for receiving inspiration
Practice skills to regain your footing during hard challenges
Separate your self-worth from your productivity


A little about me…